Mark Kincaid

All you need to know about the Peach DJ's for Good Friday 2019
Mark Kincaid began mixing on vinyl in 2005, and has played ever since, with a love of house music, old skool house and classic trance. Mark played at home and at house parties until he won the Peach DJ Competition in 2017 along with Fisha, which landed him his first ever gig for The Peach Reunion at KOKO.

Since then he has gone on to play again for Peach at KOKO for their 25th Birthday Reunion, Moondance Festival, Trance at Social Chill Bar alongside Graham Gold and Clockwork Orange at KOKO.

Mark will be playing again for the 2019 Peach Reunion at The Steelyard, Good Friday 19th April. And he holds down a respectable and responsible day job, believe it or not!
Mixcloud Account: Mkincaid