Jon East

All you need to know about your Peach DJ's at Easter 2019.

Jon East, Jon Marc, Eastie or Koolworld-all monikers of this super talented DJ, so meticulous in his mixing , you would think he was performing open heart surgery every time he graces the decks!

Jon started the Kooworld label with Graham Gold, on the back end of a visit to Peach in 1994, where he brought along a Dat tape of ‘Invader’ - a track he produced along with his studio partner, Dave Wooster which went on to sell over 25,000 copies and was No 2 in the Dance chart at the time.

Jon has played all of the seminal London clubs such as Bagleys, Camden Palace, Astoria, Buzbys, Club UK, SeOne, SW1, Turnmills and The Gas Club.

Whilst it is not now his full time career-that is actually way more exciting as he works on film sets with the biggest actors in the world-his love of house music never went away, and he can found gracing the decks of some of the cool London parties such as Shhh.

If you love seamless mixing and an incredible track selection-you will know it’s Jon East/Jon Marc/Eastie on the decks. And of course, his male model devasting good looks help as well!